SALLY WEILER, MSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker
About Me
I work with individuals, couples and families.  I have specialized in couples therapy over the course of my career and enjoy supporting people who want to improve the quality of their relationships.  When I work with a couple I give each person in the couple adequate attention to their own needs, while keeping the focus of the therapy on the couple relationship.
My experience includes working with depression,
anxiety, grief and loss, betrayal and affairs and much
more.  I have had experience with same-sex, as well as
opposite-sex couples, and work with relationships of all
I have two master's degrees from the University of
Wisconsin, one in social work and one in child and
family studies.  I have attended many seminars and
conferences over the years--and continue to do so--to keep up with new research and tools in this 
growing field and provide the best therapy possible.
I receive consultation from a master therapist in San
Francisco and believe that consultation is essential to 
being a good therapist.